General Contranctor:
Foulger Pratt
Scope of Work:
Steel truss enclosures, canopies, bridge, ornamental rails.


In 2009, Daniel was contracted by Folger Pratt to take part in the Silver Spring Transit Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. The transit center is largely concrete and steel, and Daniel’s package is the steel. The biggest part of Daniel’s contract is two large pipe trusses that wrap an escalator and stair. The pipe trusses were fully built up and fabricated in Daniel’s shop, and then shipped to the jobsite in two separate trips in an extra wide load. The trailer that hauled the trusses, with custom fabricated jigs, was over 130′ long. Another big part of Daniel’s scope are the large canopies that run the length of the parking structure. The pipe columns hold both the upper and lower canopies. Daniel is also doing a large amount of stainless steel and ornamental rails in the ongoing project.

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