General Contranctor:
Linbeck Nabholz JV
Scope of Work:
All steel in project: miscellaneous, ornamental, roof steel, canopies, stairs, rails, etc.


In 2008, Daniel was contracted by Linbeck Nabholz JV to fabricate the metals package on the Crystal Bridges Museum of American History in Bentonville, Arkansas. The package was worth over $4 million and Daniel’s scope of work included most every piece of steel in the project including structural steel framing, stairs, rails, supports, curtain wall mullions, roof steel, and other miscellaneous metals. Daniel also was contracted to install the miscellaneous portion of the metals contract. The architect on the project was world renown Moshe Safdie and the entire project is one of a kind. The museum is made up of 7 buildings, two of which bridge over a body of water in the interior of the museum grounds. A large portion of Daniel’s work can be found in the roof structures where there are steel WT’s and architectural tensile rods within the roof system, all connecting to steel plates lag bolted into the laminated wood beams. Daniel 3-D modeled the roof structures in a coordination effort with LNJV (GC) and the Buro Haphold (EOR) to ensure everything aligned and fit. Another part big part of Daniel’s scope are the curtain wall mullions on the bridge buildings. The mullions went through numerous layers of coordination, revision, and design changes. Daniel played a large role in the final design of the mullions with two adjustability functions in the top and bottom of the mullions to help in the constructability of the roofs and curtain walls.

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